Monday, March 16, 2009

zeer goed dressuurpaard

Deze chique koffie-vos ruin, stokmaat 171 cm,
is een zeer getallenteerd dressuurpaard.

Is gereden op Z-niveau met galor changementen.

Heeft veel takt en veer, en een prachtig voorbeen gebruik.
Heeft een zeer goede instelling.

Vader Quando Quando (Olympische Spelen dressuur 2008)
Mv Wendenburg

Uitgebreid klinisch en rontgonologisch goedgekeurd.

5-jarig spring/dressuur paard

Deze indrukwekkende allrounder – stokmaat 172 cm –
heeft drie goede gangen en veel spring aanleg.

Hij is mooi berg-op en zeer ijverig.
Als springpaard boven gemiddelde aanleg.

Heeft al enkele B-parcoursen gesprongen.

V. Saros van ’t Gestelhof
Moederszijde Furioso en Formateur

4-jarig springpaard

Deze zeer chique ruin – 165 cm – heeft zeer veel aanleg als springpaard.

Is nagenoeg parcoursklaar.

Is voorzichtig en heeft veel vermogen en een zeer goede galoppade.

V Montreal (v Indoctro)
Moeder, groot-moeder en over-groot-moeder: alle 3 internationale springpaarden

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Diverse Springpaarden

Wij hebben momenteel aantal spingpaarden beschikbaar met parcourservaring of die klaar zijn om uit te brengen.o.a.

5-jarige vos ruin stokmaat 170 cm v Hors la Loi – L springen
5-jarige bruine merrie stokmaat 167 cm vv Contender I - L springen
5-jarige donkerbruine ruin stokmaat 170 cm v Castello – L springen
6-jarige schimmel merrie stokmaat 167 cm v Calvino – M springen
5-jarige vos ruin stokmaat 172 cm v Lupicor – B springen
5-jarige bruine ruin stokmaat 172 cm v Lupicor – B springen
5-jarige bruine ruin stokmaat 170 cm v Karandasj – B springen
5-jarige bruine ruin stokmaat 172 cm v Saros van het Gestelhof – L springen
4-jarige vos ruin stokmaat 165 cm v Montreal – parcours klaar
4 – jr schimmelruin st 165 cm v Silverstone mv corado - aangereden

Zeer recentelijk klinisch en röntgonologisch goedgekeurd, zonder bemerkingen.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Minnebo Sportpaarden

Minnebo Sportpaarden
Starnmeerdijk 10
1488AG Starnmeer

phone +31(0)6.5433.5020

Monday, July 17, 2006

About Minnebo Sportpaarden

Minnebo sporthorses is primarily a dealing - and training yard which has been successful for the last 16 years under the watchful eye of the founder, Frits Minnebo. Minnebo sporthorses sells and exports horses to over 10 countries, including: UK, France, USA, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Portugal, and 98% of the horses traded are between 3-7 years old. There is a Dutch saying, “De jeugd heeft de toekomst,” or “The young hold the future”. Minnebo sporthorses looks to develop young talent in healthy, unspoiled dressage and jumping horses.

“To get from the raw diamond to the cut gemstone, the stone goes through several stages of development”.
Such is the same with young dressage and jumping horses.

Frits Minnebo
Frits Minnebo has been working with horses for the last 26 years and has attained his instructor’s diploma from the Dutch equestrian school in Deurne. He has trained, taught and ridden professionally in both Germany and Holland in Dressage as well as in Jumping. He is a member of the VSN (The Dutch Sportinghorse Traders Association) and sells horses with purchase agreements approved by them. Frits has also been acting as a judge for the Dutch young horse competition for the last 7 years.

Frits not only looks for the “raw diamond” in his horses, he has discovered the fun of developing their undiscovered talents. He has made a choice to specialize in young horses and it is his passion to scout and develop talent. This choice is also based on his many years experience in the business.

Our horses are mostly interesting for people who are looking to buy a talented youngster and train it further. The prices at Minnebo sporthorses are very reasonable and this is partly due to the fact that no large expenses are made from the training side, as well as from the large number of horses that are available at both our yards.
At our accommodation near Utrecht/Amersfoort, you will find a selection of approximately 30 mostly young and talented dressage horses and jumpers and some eventing horses.

Please do not hesitate to contact Minnebo sporthorses, we will make sure you will receive our best assistance!

Saturday, July 15, 2006


3 year old stallion Oscar * Vincent
Sold to National Dressage stable

Goliath under Mark Dijkmans

Sire: Capitol

Natasja at VSN finals

Lando under Mans Buurmans

Juska under Emile Geurts

Sold to Scotland